Smith and Wesson model 3 Russian

Miniature S&W model

Smith and Wesson model 3 Russian

The superb miniature Smith and Wesson model 3 Russian from the renowned studio RUSminiGUN conveys in great detail this amazing revolver. The mechanics of the revolver exactly repeat the original. The function of auto-rotation of the cylinder and the extraction of liners! Caliber 3mm. A perfect example for true connoisseurs of quality models! 6 recharchable caps in set.

Model delivered in original wood box.


Materials - steel , wood, brass

Lenght - 115mm(5 inch) + 105mm butstock ( 4inch)


All models in our workshop are made by hand and therefore this work cannot be done quickly! Model production time is 4-5 weeks. To get started, you can pay an advance payment of 20%. The remaining amount - you will pay before being ready to ship.

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