Browning 1910 scale 1:3

Miniature Browning

Miniature Browning 1910

The excellent collection model of our miniature studio RuGunModel is made in 1: 3 scale. The model is made of classic original materials, steel. Perfectly conveys the spirit of old times and working mechanics.

One of the beautiful and perfect models of our studio is Browning 1910 in 1: 3 scale.  The model is disassembled into parts just like the original pistol.

The functionality of the model is very close to the original. Cartridge feeding from clip and cartridge ejection implemented

Cal 2.5mm ,  5 reloadable cartridges in set.

Original marking - additional cost - 80$

Model making time: 8-9 week

Size - 6cm (2 inches)

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